From the Source

Tree to Bean


The Orchard.

Selection, Design, Nurturing, Sustainability.

Nestled between the impressive presence of Mombacho Volcano and adjacent to Lake Nicaragua is the principal cacao orchard of Argencove situated on Finca Rio Grande.

We have journeyed throughout Nicaragua to identify areas of unique flavour and genetics. The outcome is what has been planted in our orchard.

We believe that a balanced ecological environment will provide a fruitful outcome for our cacao orchard. This approach encompasses an agroforestry process that allows for a succession of shade species which also contributes to the nutritional requirements of the cacao via nitrogen fixation from the atmosphere.

In designing the Argencove orchard we measured values of pollination, agroforestry and communal nutrition.

With attention to detail through nourishment, shade management and architectural pruning we can allow the full potential of the plant to be realised.

A journey of taste
— Pete McFadyen - CEO